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Wates chooses Smart Hoist to increase safety at construction site London

    In the redevelopment of Gascoigne West safety has been Wates Group’s top priority. The project was awarded to Wates Group by the local council and development manager Be First. The redevelopment of Gascoigne West is aimed to help shape the future of Barking by constructing high quality council housing and fostering new opportunities for the local community.

    Mace chooses Smart Hoist for Peterborough Court refurbishment

      The iconic Peterborough Court, former office of Daily Telegraph and Goldman Sachs, is currently being transformed into a BREEAM-proof workplace and retail centre. The job to remodel the interior was awarded to Mace Interiors. To do so, efficient use of available materials and power is of the utmost importance.

      Smart Hoist for hire: New Collaboration with RECO Hoist Hire & Sales

        RECO Hoist Hire & Sales, a leading construction lift rental company based in the United Kingdom, made the strategic decision to collaborate with Smart Hoist. This collaboration not only brings innovation to construction at a faster rate but also provides unparalleled benefits for construction companies utilising RECO’s construction lifts.