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Smart Hoist AI Software: Elevate your Building Game

Improve Productivity

Avoid Logistic Bottlenecks

Prevent Safety Incidents

Meet Cara – Your AI Operator

Running a construction site involves operational challenges, and failing to meet your final delivery deadline incurs significant costs and revenue delays. As a result, you strive to eliminate any potential stagnation within your project, be it logistics bottlenecks or workforce unproductivity.

Construction directors, it’s crucial to understand the profound impact of costs during stagnation or failure, particularly when your site is compelled to close due to a safety incident. The resulting financial consequences and operational setbacks can be severe.

Enter the Smart Hoist System – your construction site’s ticket to bidding farewell to these headaches. Our mission is to assist you in elevating site efficiency and tightening up your SHEQ game. Because, let’s face it, embracing AI innovation is the key to future-proofing the industry.

How can I make my Hoist Smart?

Our Smart Hoist system consists of five key hardware elements: a wind speed measurer, an analytics camera, a loading dock display, an operator display, and bi-directional call buttons on each floor. Those elements provide all the needed information to the AI software, which translates into recommendations for boosting efficiency and safety.

Boost the Efficiency

Labour force is a substantial cost in your project. Are you looking for ways to Improve Productivity? We drastically reduce wait time and improve material logistics by optimizing your vertical highway. Save you time and money.

Of the Hoist Operator

The hoist operator is a key player in optimizing your construction site logistics. Our system is a real game-changer for them, empowering them to work much more efficiently.

Synchronising the Hoists: which car gets the call

Smart Algorithm: were does the operator go next

Smart Wait: which floor is most likely for the next call

Measuring Hoist Operator Performance: response time and obedience

Real-time efficiency alerts: long loading or idle time

These features bring one of the most direct cost savings: wait time of workers.

“Save up to £ 3,400+ a month of labour costs by reducing wait time, bare minimum!”

Improve Logistics Management

Streamlined logistics is the linchpin of an efficient construction process. As prefab materials become increasingly prevalent on-site, the role of logistics becomes paramount in project timelines. Ensure the hoist doesn’t turn into an operational bottleneck and keep your logistics running like clockwork.

Dig into and slash Wait Times

Examine particular instances of Extended Loading

Strategize Logistics with Insights from Hoist Usage Data

Enable subcontractors to book hoists for deliveries

Enhance Safety Behaviour – Everybody Home Safe!

But, most crucially, the savings related to safety outweigh everything. Valuing safety is a challenging task, given all our firsthand experiences with time-consuming incidents. Our AI-detection camera ensures adherence to Safety KPIs, enhancing safety site-wide:

Workers wearing all required PPE

No Operator Movement of the Hoist

Completion of Daily or Weekly Hoist Checks

Live Windspeed Alerts