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Improve Safety Management: Prevent Incidents

AI Software Detects

Missing PPE

No Operator Hoist Movement

High Wind Speeds

Ensure daily hoist checks

Meet Cara – Your AI Operator

The Safety of Workers is Paramount. We are aiming to ensure everyone returns home safely at the end of the day. Achieving this goal requires strict adherence to safety regulations. With 100% of workers using Construction Hoists on a site, it becomes an ideal environment to measure and enhance safety performance!

How can my Construction Hoist make my site Safer?

Our Smart Hoist system consists of five key hardware elements: a wind speed measurer, an analytics camera, a loading dock display, an operator display, and bi-directional call buttons on each floor. Those elements provide all the needed information to the AI software, which translates into recommendations for boosting efficiency and safety.

The AI-analytics Camera automatically detects if workers are adherend to the five-point PPE regulations. We detect hard heats, gloves, eye wear and reflective vests.

The Windsensor measures the exact wind speed hitting the hoist, making sure we operate safely and don’t lose valuable working days.

We can Lock Floors to send you an alert with an image when somebody enters this floor.

We can detect if the Hoist is Moving Without an Operator to Alert you.

We Automate Daily Checks and present it with the footage as proof.

Unlock valuable insights into your safety performance, empowering you to strategically improve your Safety Management.

Get your one-month Free Trial!

We offer a one-month free trial of the system. All to a site of your choice. Completely free of charge and no obligations. We install the hardware, give on-site training and set up the software with alerts and KPIs. If you think the system doesn’t deliver the value, we disassemble it all for free.

More then Preventing Safety Incidents

The Smart Hoist system can do way more than only prevent safety incidents. It also helps to improve productivity and avoid logistic bottlenecks. Learn more about the AI Software and it’s features.