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Our step-in Software Package: Basic Boost

To Elevate your Hoist Operator.

The hoist operator is a key player in optimizing your construction site logistics, directly impacting minimized wait times and overall operational smoothness. Our system is a real game-changer for them.

1. Hoist Synchronisation

Our wireless platform brilliantly syncs up all the hoists on a building. Whenever a hoist call is placed on a particular floor, it cleverly directs the call only to the hoist on site with the most efficient route to handle it. The synchronization is the brain behind deciding which hoist gets the call. It is customizable – letting you tailor hoist calls. For instance, you can designate specific floors or floors up to a certain level only by a dedicated hoist.

2. Smart Hoist Algorithm

The part that makes the lives of hoist operators a breeze. When a hoist call comes in, it’s seamlessly integrated into our Smart Hoist Algorithm. This clever algorithm then steps in, suggesting the optimal next move for the hoist operator, just like how Google Maps guides you through the best route.

When the hoist operator reaches the recommended floor, our software picks up on it automatically. No need for the operator to manually cancel the call – it’s all seamless and automatic. But wait, there’s more! The algorithm doesn’t just stop there; it can even recommend a hoist to do a reverse stop, efficiently picking someone up. It’s like having your navigator for hoist operations. Brilliant, isn’t it? 

This feature brings one of the most direct cost savings: wait time of workers.

“Save up to £ 3,400+ a month of labour costs by reducing wait time, bare minimum!”

Minimum saving of 3 minutes a worker a day

20-storey building with 100 workers a day

The average hourly rate of £ 32

3. Default Wait

Whether it’s the waiting for post-lunch rush, anticipating daily material deliveries, or positioning at the top level at day’s end – our system introduces default wait times that can significantly boost productivity. Set it up effortlessly via the loading dock screen and optimize and empower your operator for maximum efficiency.

4. Disable and Enable receiving Hoist Calls

When dealing with multiple hoists on-site and you have material deliveries or service going on to one of the hoists, you wouldn’t want calls distributed to every hoist, right? As our Smart Algorithm normally does. You want it only to go to the hoists that aren’t occupied with deliveries or service. That’s where the disable and enable features come into play.

Operators can easily access these settings through the loading dock screen, enabling swift and efficient control over which hoist receives the calls. It’s a quick step towards optimizing efficiency.

5. Streamlining Calls with Hoist Grouping

In a multi-hoist setup, precision matters. Group your hoists for targeted calls – whether it’s directing loading dock calls exclusively to personnel hoists or splitting call buttons for personnel and goods hoists. With this smart grouping, operators receive calls aligned with the purpose of their hoists, ensuring efficient and focused operations.

6. Hoist Call Reminder

In case the Hoist Operator is a bit tardy in responding to a call, we kindly nudge him with a familiar ‘ding-dong’ sound and display the will say ‘Manager Reminder’ to show the urge.

There is more! The Standard Insight features will empower you with the information you need to build faster and safer.

Local Recording Camera

Banish Wait Anxiety

Automate Daily, Weekly and Monthly Checklists and Inspections

BI-portal with Efficiency Data

Monthly E-mail Report with Efficiency Improvements

Real-time Long Load Alerts

Real-time Wind Alerts