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Elevate Your Business with Smart Hoist AI Software.

Smart Hoist for Construction Sites.

As a contractor, you’re all about delivering quality buildings, but handling large-scale projects comes with its fair share of challenges:

Improve Productivity

Avoid Logistic Bottlenecks

Prevent Safety Incidents

Smart Hoists empowers you with the insights required to tackle these challenges. Excited to discover how?

Meet Cara – our AI Operator

All Hoist are Compatible for the Smart Hoist System!

We can retrofit the Smart Hoist System on any hoist. No matter the brand, no matter the age. The asnwer is always YES!

Smart Hoist for Hoist Owners

Securing reliable labor for hoists poses quite a challenge nowadays. The last thing you need is your workforce getting caught up in a wild goose chase with fake service calls or spending their day swapping out call button batteries. The goal is to maximize the efficiency of your labor force, but how can you achieve this when you’re left in the dark about the ongoings of your hoists on site? Even worse, figuring out who foots the bill for all the damages to the hoists becomes a real head-scratcher.

This is precisely where the Smart Hoist System steps in to bring substantial value to you as Hoist Owners. Eager to discover how?