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Have AI manage your Hoist

Cara will elevate your construction site!

The Best Next Floor suggested to the Operator

Reduce Wait Time by 988 man hours per week

Improve Hoist utilisation by 23%

Turn data into improvement suggestions

Watch the video to see how she can help you.

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We offer a one-month free trial of the system. All to a site of your choice. Completely free of charge and no obligations. We install the hardware, give on-site training and set-up the software with alerts and KPI’s. If you think the system doesn’t deliver the value, we disassemble it all for free.

Free-trial = Free-trial

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Smart Hoist Algorithm: the best next floor

The part that makes the lives of hoist operators a breeze. When a hoist call comes in, it’s seamlessly integrated into our Smart Hoist Algorithm. This clever algorithm then steps in, suggesting the optimal next move for the hoist operator, just like how Google Maps guides you through the best route.

Automatic cancellation

When the hoist operator reaches the recommended floor, our software picks up on it automatically. No need for the operator to manually cancel the call – it’s all seamless and automatic. But wait, there’s more! The algorithm doesn’t just stop there; it can even recommend a hoist to do a reverse stop, efficiently picking someone up. It’s like having your navigator for hoist operations. Brilliant, isn’t it? 

Improving productivity starts with reducing wait time.

AI Material Detection

Picture this: the wrong prefab bathroom built into the wrong apartment. Or kitchen hardware showing up on the wrong floor. Maybe even some wine coolers getting stolen.

We have heard all these examples. All of these translate into unnecessary high-value costs. But fear not! We’re here to prevent this from happening, by giving you real-time alerts when materials make an unauthorized entrance or exit via the hoist. How, you ask? Magic? No, just good AI-detection. Intrigued? Reach out!

Hoist Synchronisation

Our wireless platform brilliantly syncs up all the hoists on a building. Whenever a hoist call is placed on a particular floor, it cleverly directs the call only to the hoist on site with the most efficient route to handle it. The synchronization is the brain behind deciding which hoist gets the call. It is customizable – letting you tailor hoist calls. For instance, you can designate specific floors or floors up to a certain level only by a dedicated hoist.


Leveraging the full potential of the AI analytics camera. The AI camera automatically detects when loading or unloading takes too long, captures video evidence of the completion of the daily checklist, captures video evidence of damages to the hoists, records any disputes occurring within the hoists, captures video evidence of incidents of material theft, and alerts you when the hoists start moving without an operator. But it can do much more! It offers real-time insights into your logistic operations, providing a comprehensive view of your operational landscape.

Hoist Online Booking System

Share the link with your subcontractors – they book their slot

Ping! You get a WhatsApp message for the green light

The hoist operator gets his to do right on time on their display

They know the drill and sort out the transport hassle-free

Hoist Usage Data

Log in to our BI portal and the most pertinent data is right there. We outlined a few capabilities below, but if you have a specific request in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out. More often than not, our answer is a resounding YES! We’ve got it covered.

Total Activity Time

Average Start and End Time

Compare Daily Usage between Hoists

Analyze Floor Usage

Analyze Wait Times