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standard insights Package

Elevate your insights and alerts

Attention Logistics Managers and Construction Managers, your role is pivotal in the triumph of construction projects. Unlock the power of the Standard Insights Features, equipping you and your colleagues with real-time alerts and valuable insights. It’s your tool to finely tune and optimize project efficiency. Elevate your construction game with data-driven excellence!

1. Local Recording Camera

Our 360 camera pretty much captures all the angles of the inside of the hoist car. Now, if you’re not keen on having the video footage live and ready whenever we’ve got another option. We can save it locally on the device. This means you can access the video footage if there’s any hoist damage, wrongful installation, or, heaven forbid, a case of material theft. The recordings are saved for 72 hours, if you desire a longer period, plan a coffee.

2. Banish Wait Anxiety

Empower workers with insights into what is happening inside the hoist to banish wait time anxiety. Displaying camera footage on the lobby screen ensures transparency – workers can see the action in real time, knowing the hoist operator is diligently loading or unloading, not just taking a break. This feedback helps them relax, fostering a smoother workflow.

3. Automate Daily, Weekly and Monthly Checks & Inspections of the Operator

Before taking anyone or anything in the hoist, the hoist operator needs to run a full check to make sure everything’s working accordingly. This is mandatory and drastically reduces the risks of incidents. The operator completes the check on his hoist display and checks out with his name as a signature for completion. The best part is yet to come: we send a PDF version of the filled-out checklist to your designated person by email not only to fulfill safety protocols but also to enable seamless archival within your database. Gain assurance that the check has been completed, offering coverage in case of incidents.

4. BI-Portal With Efficiency Data

Log in to our BI portal and the most pertinent data is right there. We outlined a few capabilities below, but if you have a specific request in mind, don’t hesitate to reach out. More often than not, our answer is a resounding YES! We’ve got it covered.

Total Activity Time

Average Start and End Time

Compare Daily Usage between Hoists

Analyze Floor Usage

Analyze Wait Times

5. Monthly E-mail Report with Efficiency Improvements

Data like this is your golden ticket to making the most out of your hoists. If delving into raw data isn’t your idea of a good time (and who can blame you?), we’ve got you covered. Instead of only presenting the data, we aim to provide you with practical insights. Therefore, every month, our AI suggestion model analyzes your data and emails you suggestions for further improvement. It’s the key to unlocking answers to burning questions like:

How long do workers wait for a hoist?

What’s the prime hour for kicking off garbage collection?

Which day of the week is best for time-consuming material transport?

When exactly do the workers call it a day?

Are my operators clocking in right on the dot?

Do we need a twin, or can a single hoist handle it just as well?

6. Real-time Long Loading Alert

When loading or unloading is taking too long, workers’ wait time increases. To guarantee seamless operations, our system sends real-time alerts to the logistics manager if loading exceeds five minutes and open calls await attention. Keeping your operations swift and responsive.

7. Real-time Wind Alerts

The anemometer positioned atop the hoists precisely measures the wind speed impacting your hoists, providing both safety and efficiency benefits to your site. In certain scenarios, such as those in high-rise areas of London, surrounding structures may obstruct or alter the wind speed, allowing you to continue hoist operations safely and potentially saving days of usage.

On the other hand, when the wind intensity surpasses safe levels, the system triggers an immediate alert to the hoist operator. The alert dominates the screen, turning it entirely red with the message: ‘Wind Alert – Follow your instructions!’. This proactive measure ensures safe operations, making it a particularly relevant feature in windy environments like the UK.

The best is yet to come! The Premium AI Advantage features will elevate your construction site to unknown levels. Ensuring a faster and safer building experience. Let innovation redefine your construction journey.

Cara, our AI digital operator, is by your side with Safety and Efficiency Improvements

Live AI-camera

Measuring Hoist Operator Performance

AI Smart Wait Feature

Prioritize Floors in the AI Algorithm

Looking Floors

Real-time AI-detected Missing PPE alerts with Images